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Best Play School and Preschool in Beta 1 Greater Noida

Petals Preschool & Daycare, the best Play School in Beta 1 Greater Noida, is now expanding its modern and innovative early years program to your neighborhood. Research on the human brain highlights the critical importance of early childhood for development and future success. Our goal at Petals is to optimize this period, providing the most stimulating and safe environment for your child's growth. With meticulously crafted classrooms and the latest educational tools, our preschool in Beta 1 Greater Noida empowers young learners with essential life skills. Recognizing that each child's development is unique, we offer a customized early childhood education program tailored to your child's individual needs.

Best Daycare and Creche in Beta 1 Greater Noida

Petals, the best Daycare in Beta 1 Greater Noida, provides a clean, well-maintained, and homely environment for your child. Our structured curriculum covers all seven areas of learning, ensuring holistic development. In our quality daycare center, learning is nourished with affection, care, and supervision, making young learners feel safe and protected. We offer age-appropriate activities that stimulate your child's cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth. At Petals, we believe in open communication with parents, providing regular updates on your child's progress, activities, and any concerns. We also offer nutritious meals and snacks tailored to each child's dietary needs. Our creche embraces diversity and fosters an inclusive environment where all learners feel welcome and valued.

Branch Address
NS 11, Block E, Beta 1, Rampur Jagir, Greater Noida,
Uttar Pradesh - 201308
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  • Gamma 1
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  • Beta II
  • Alpha 1
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  • Chandila
  • Tugalpur
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We are Pioneers in
  • Preschool
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      1.6 - 6 Years
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      Ratio - 1 : 10

    Learning at Petals Preschool focuses
    on identifying...

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  • Daycare
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      0.6 Months - 10 Years
    • ratio icon
      Ratio - 1 : 04

    Petals Preschool and Daycare is
    an empirical, research-based...

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  • After School Care Program
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      1.8 - 10 Years
    • ratio icon
      Ratio - 1 : 08

    Petals Preschool and Daycare
    understands the importance...

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  • Parent Toddler Program
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      1.3 - 1.6 Years
    • ratio icon
      Ratio - 1 : 05

    Parent Toddler program which is
    designed in a way where parents...

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Best After School Care Program and Mother Toddler Program in Beta 1 Greater Noida

Petals After-School Care Program in Beta 1 Greater Noida offers a structured and enriching environment designed to enhance cognitive development, including memory, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Our program provides a safe and supervised space where students can participate in productive activities under the guidance of trained professionals. Additionally, our after-school activities foster creativity and self-expression through diverse offerings such as drama, music, and art classes.

Our Mother Toddler Program in Beta 1 Greater Noida offers numerous benefits for both child and parent. It plays a crucial role in early childhood development by promoting socialization, strengthening parent-child bonds, and encouraging cognitive growth. The program provides a supportive environment for parents to connect with their toddlers while receiving guidance from experienced facilitators.

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