Petals Preschool & Daycare is an empirical, research-based, award-winning institute that provides Daycare facilities for children from 6 months to 10 years old. The daycare facility is designed especially for working parents who juggle between the work and child.

The Day care facilitators at Petals are ECCE-certified professionals who understand the importance of providing safe and nurturing environments where kids can learn while having fun. We create engaging learning experiences through hands-on activities that help foster creativity in children while teaching them valuable lessons about cooperation with others. Parents can rest assured knowing their child will be well taken care of by the experienced caregivers who have undergone background checks before being hired as staff in Petals Preschools and Daycare.

The half-day and full-day childcare programs ensure that the little ones fulfill their physical needs by eating meals planned & designed by AIIMS-certified nutritionists and participate in activities that improve their personal, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Our children have a separate nap area, and a fully functional pantry that serves hot meals at all times. Our Petals App is a great way to get regular updates, including observations and pictures. Parents get Live CCTV access to track their children at any point. They also get a comprehensive daily routine of their child’s activity in daycare. We provide a well-supervised daycare to encourage the development of different skills among young kids. At Petals, you will find an atmosphere filled with love from both teachers & parents alike!

Petals recognises that the early years of a child's existence should not only be joyous but also a stage of tremendous brain development where each day, each interaction, and each engagement builds the groundwork for all future learning.

Here's a glimpse into what a typical day at Petals Daycare looks like
  • 1 arrival hygiene icon

    Arrival and Hygiene Check

    Parents drop off their children and are greeted by our friendly facilitators. Children are welcomed into their classrooms and begin their day with free play, exploring and interacting with their peers and teachers. Teachers then encourage frequent handwashing and check diapers and personal hygiene of children.

  • 2 breakfast icon


    We serve a nutritious breakfast designed by AIIMS nutritionist to give your child the energy they need for a fun-filled day.

  • 3 gross motor activities

    Circle Time & Fine-Gross Motor Activities

    We adhere to a program that is thematically driven for the entire year. Children come together for circle time, where they sing songs and learn new concepts. Afterward, they participate in age-appropriate learning activities where they learn to climb, play ball games, draw, color, develop hand-eye coordination that help children to develop their physical and cognitive skills.

  • 4 hygien check

    Hygiene Check

    Teachers change diapers frequently and immediately after bowel movements to prevent diaper spread of germs. Teachers also encourage handwashing among children.

  • 5 book reading

    Book Reading

    Age-appropriate books are read to the children via different voices and facial expressions to make the story come alive and keep children engaged. Teachers encourage participation by asking questions that help children develop comprehension skills.

  • 6 lunch time

    Lunch Time

    We serve a freshly cooked nutritious lunch to keep your child fueled for the rest of the day.

  • 7 nap time

    Nap Time

    After lunch, children have a nap or quiet time. We provide cozy and comfortable nap spaces for children to rest and recharge.

  • 8 freshen up

    Hygiene Check & Freshen Up Time

    Teachers change diapers frequently and immediately after bowel movements after nap to prevent germs from spreading through the diaper. Additionally, teachers encourage kids to wash their hands. For children who don't wear diapers, get freshens up for outdoor activities.

  • 9 outdoor play

    Outdoor Play and Exploration

    Children have the opportunity to play outside and explore nature. We have a secure outdoor play area where children can run, climb, and engage in physical activities. We also have gardening activities to help children learn about nature and participate in various activities like skating, dancing, learning taekwondo, etc.

  • 10 snack time

    Snack Time

    We provide a nutritious snack to keep your child energised for the rest of the day.

  • 11 activities

    Learning Activities

    Children participate in age-appropriate enrichment activities such as music and movement, dance, yoga, and drama. They also have free playtime to explore and interact with their peers and teachers.

  • 12 children icon

    Departure Time

    Parents pick up their children and receive updates on their child's day. Children say goodbye to their teachers and peers, excitedly sharing stories about their day at Petals Daycare.

We prioritize your child's development, safety, and happiness. From daily educational activities & playtime outside or inside, there’s something special here waiting just for your little one! So come join us today so we can show why people choose us over other childcare centers!

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