At Petals, we believe that every child is a unique child who is constantly learning and has the potential to be resilient, adaptable, confident, and self-assured. Early Years Foundation Stage is a statutory framework planned by the UK government that sets the standards for promoting holistic learning, development, and safety of the child from birth to five years of age.

EYFS Curriculum in Petals Preschool and Daycare aims

  • Equal opportunities for children from all backgrounds.

  • Quality and uniformity in all early childhood classes.

  • To strengthen and challenge the children for their holistic and brain development.

  • A solid foundation is provided by learning opportunities customized to the needs of the birth to five years age group of students.

  • Positive relationship and cooperation between parents and facilitators.

  • To remove or assist in conquering barriers for children where they already exist.

The Prime Areas

The primary areas serve as the foundation for all subsequent learning. These areas set a platform for igniting their curiosity and love for learning, building relationships, and flourishing in every other aspect. The three prime areas are:

  •    Communication and Language - This domain encourages conversation and verbal language skills. It is divided into Listening, Paying Attention, Comprehending, and Speaking.

    At Petals, we acknowledge that "words" and "images" association is one of the most effective ways to begin language and communication development. The facilitators read books to young children so they can connect positively with the pictures in the book and the text. Children studying here get ample situations to develop their confidence and skills while expressing themselves.

  •    Physical Development - Our facilitators plan a child's physical development by looking at Fine and Gross Motor skills. We provide daily physical activities that promote healthy growth and ensure heightened brain function, which enhances brain development like critical thinking skills and undivided attention. Physical activities are involved in developing coordination, control, and movement that aims to make them active.

  •    Personal, Social, and Emotional Development - Children are supported with exercises that help develop a positive sense of self, management of their feelings, social skills, and formation of relationships. Petals' facilitators assist children to strive for long-term skills and awareness to build a healthy foundation for life.

    Children learn to acknowledge, show, and talk about their behavior and emotions at Petals. They understand the difference between right and wrong and how to be strong and independent through positive relationships.

EYFS curriculum image

The Specific Areas

  • Any centre following the Early year's approach also supports children's learning and development in specific areas. These particular areas also strengthen the learning and development within the prime locations. The four specific areas are:

  •    Literacy - Children start to make the connection between written letters and spoken sounds. They get engaged in books and poems to assist in their development of linking sounds and letters and prepare to read and write. To accomplish this, they start building up layers of knowledge with letters, words, pictures, objects and sounds.

  •    Mathematics - Children are focused on more straightforward concepts that strengthen their skills in numbers, like counting, doing simple calculations, and describing shapes and figures. We focus on the child's number and numerical patterns knowledge. It helps in enhancing a child's spatial awareness and problem-solving skills.

  •    Understanding the World - Facilitators guide children to support their learning about the surrounding environment. They are taught to make sense of the physical world through exploring and observing people, places, and the environment. In this domain, children learn to explore new cultures and little things we often take for granted.

  •    Expressive Arts and Design - This section aids children's creativity to explore and play with a wide range of toys and instruments. It helps children create artwork and provides opportunities and encouragement for sharing thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

Your child's education and activities are planned using these seven areas of learning and development. The instructors and carers for your child will guarantee that the activities are appropriate for his or her particular needs. Still, it is suitable for toddlers, and it is highly adaptable so that teachers may cater to each student's individual requirements and interests.

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