The associated restrictions keep the elders stressed, so it’s normal if the children feel bored at home. As a parent, it is our responsibility to engage the child productively. For the last two years, we can see that limitations and lockdowns have been unanticipated. Furthermore, we cannot predict the future based on the current circumstances. To deal with the uncertainties, we need to have a better plan in place.

tips to engage your child

Quick Tricks and Tips to Engage your Child at Home

Here is how you can keep your child busy while at home -

1. Make a Routine

The best way to deal with any situation is to live a well-organised and disciplined life. If you wish your child to learn good habits, you have to use them as well. Children are the best followers; they learn what they observe. So, firstly, you must be ready with a timetable. Most of us did not have a fixed time for bed in the night, and the little ones had a significant impact. 90% of the brain develops in the first five years. So, you should be cautious about the early-year development of your child.

2. Enrol Your Child into Online Classes

The ideal answer is to enrol your child in an online program, which will keep your youngster involved while still allowing you to focus on your career. If you think preschoolers don’t need to opt for school admission, you probably interfere with early child development. Working moms who enrol their children in Online Active Learning platforms can manage their work-life balance better. Also, the Best Online Preschools in India conduct several sessions, detailing parenting tips for smoother lifestyle during pandemics.

enrol child in online classes

Also, your children will have fun with the different activities conducted by the preschool teachers during the online classes.

3. Start Your Day with Exercise

Being healthy is of utmost importance during early years of the child. Your immunity can keep you safe too; your fight against germs or any other health trouble, your immunity can keep you safe. Make it a habit that, as a mother, keep your entire family active. No matter, it is a yoga session or a brisk walk, or outdoor activities that you can practise within your premises. The Top Preschools in Delhi offer yoga, exercise, and dance classes for their students, ensuring to attend those classes over ignoring them. If you do not feel like attending online exercise classes, do it yourself at home. Sitting at home for an entire day without physical movement in itself is an invitation to trouble.

mother and kid yoga session

4. Take Help from Your Child

Like you involve your children to watch cartoons, involve them with you in household chores. It is essential to add life skills to daily living. From kitchen to cleaning, gardening to arranging wardrobe, your child would learn everything.

Moreover, kids enjoy such activities. All they need while being at home is the elder’s attention. The more you involve them in the different hustle and bustle, they will be away from screens. Also, higher physical activities utilise the high energy of the young ones in the right direction. The result is they get tired and sleep.

mother and child involve in cooking

5. Best Time FOR DIY

If you plan your leisure time wisely, you can make your child an all-rounder during the early years itself. Several Online Learning Platforms organise different DIY sessions; you might join them with your child. It will enhance the creativity and imagination of your child. If your child notices any waste or an empty space, he or she can suggest a creative method to utilise it. The best part of doing different things with your child is that you can easily know their interest and then nurture it.

child creativity

6. Plan Indoor Games

Working from home exhausts and stresses parents. When you can't see your buddies, it's time to go back to your childhood. Organise an indoor game night with your parents, children, and everyone in your family. It might be carom, ludo, chess, UNO, or any other game you like.

child playing indoor game

7. Capture the Moments

Time flies, but memories endure. Therefore, if you spend the majority of your time at home, with your family, keep the memories. Every small and large item can be photographed or videotaped. Later, when you browse through these pictures, you will have a good reason to share a laugh with your family. Also, intentionally or unintentionally, you record all the moments of your child’s growth.

parents capture moments with kids

Teach your child from the early years of education itself that ‘Books are the Best Friends.’ Whether they read their coursebook, storybooks, comics, or anything else, build a habit of reading in them. If your child is too small to read, you can read stories to them. Different Online Learning Classes have dedicated sessions for reading. It’s your choice if you enrol your child in online reading classes or not, but developing a habit of reading is essential for the progressive growth of young ones.

8. Reading

Reading helps children develop critical thinking skills, expand their vocabulary, and improve their memory and concentration. Reading aloud to children from a young age helps them develop their language skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This is especially important in the early years when the brain is still developing, and children are learning to communicate effectively.

kid reading

9. Gardening

Yet another thing that helps to utilise your child’s time productively is gardening. With gardening, you can teach your child the importance of the environment, plants, and also, they can inhale the fresh oxygen while they are close to trees and plants.

Children who practise sowing seeds and watching them grow develop emotions for all living beings. If the parents preach to their children well while gardening, they start understanding their social responsibility.

kid gardening

10. Screen-Time

Yes, while everyone talks about keeping a child away from screens, we would suggest having recreational time on screen is also essential. Watching informational videos, cartoons, and playing games is good for relaxation. Moreover, you can find good content over the web these days that add to your child’s learning. Facts reveal that data visualisation is one of the most impactful ways of learning.

11. Art and Craft

The Top preschools and Preschools Franchise reveal that the children enjoy art and craft the most. Moreover, it keeps a child engaged for hours. If you involve your child in sketching, scrapping, colouring, or painting, they won’t disturb you while you are working from home. Apart from developing a clean hand on drawing or crafts, it builds a child’s gross motor skills.

kids enjoy art and craft

12. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunting is something that is fun-filled and thrilling for children. If you wish to see your child laugh aloud and give them a variation or shift them from the screen, a treasure hunt can be helpful. It will add some movement to your child’s routine, and they won’t be sitting dumbly at a place. Treasure hunts and other relevant activities help to keep a child active. You can hide their favourite toy or even a bar of chocolate; they will be equally excited to be involved in the game. Most of the Engaging Online Learning Platforms, with the help of parents, often make treasure hunts as a part of their fun Friday activities.

children playing treasure hunt

13. Writing

Having a chalkboard or whiteboard in your child’s recreational kit has multiple benefits. Even if they keep scratching on it, it keeps them engaged. The young ones can spend hours with their board. Also, they learn to write better and faster. If you make them sit and write in a notebook, it might be boring for them, but the same thing on the board is entertaining.

engage children in writing

14. Learn an Additional Language

You can join the language classes online, or if your child does not know your mother tongue, it is the best time to make your child learn the same. Apart from that, if you are interested in learning a foreign language, you can join the class and train your child yourself.

15. Add Life Skills Training to Your Child’s Schedule

From simply greeting the elders to saving electricity, your child can learn better life skills at home. So, you can provide the best experiential learning during your child’s early years. You do not need to tell them verbally. Practise it, and your child will follow the same.

Life Skills Training to Your Childs Schedule

Concluding Lines

As a parent, you shall keep your panic away, plan peacefully for yourself, and above all, for your child. So, stay positive. Stay Safe.

Stay Tuned for more updates on How to Make Life More Productive for Your Child.

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