Although the US recession is believed to have had little effect on the Indian economy, we all know that the global pandemic would have inevitably caused an economic slowdown. Fortunately, the US recession is smaller than previous ones.

As Einstein says, "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

preschool business is recession free

Reasons Why Preschool and Daycare Business is Recession Free

Kudos to the education sector in India, which is thriving more than ever. Look at a few reasons daycares and Preschools in India are immune to economic volatility and why they make the most significant businesses to start.

Always in Demand

People have enough disposable income to send their children to preschool when the economy is doing good. Conversely, if the economy sees a fall, families that may not have had dual-income earners may suddenly need full-time child care due to a parent returning to the workforce. So, whatever the economy, the need for preschools with Daycare is always there and will be there.

Much to Gain and Little to Lose

By opting for a preschool franchise, you are cutting your losses and building a profit. Top franchises like Petals Preschool provide risk-free franchise policies from inception to implementation. From delivering the first 100 admissions, approx. 30-40% ROI on investment, buy-back option, 100% training & hiring assistance, complete marketing, branding & promotion support, and more. They ensure your growth like no other.

Highly Profitable

In most nuclear households, both parents work and are more aware of the importance of early childhood learning. Opening a Petals Preschool and Daycare centre has low entry barriers, assured returns, and ever-growing demand, making it a lucrative business to invest in.

Limited Legal Requirements

If you are taking up a franchise with Petals Preschool & Daycare, you will require no registration or regulatory compliance. Although this industry has no intervention from educational authorities, it might still vary from state to state.

Work-Life Balance

As Preschools and Daycares only operate for a small portion of the day, you can devote more quality time to your loved ones. Edupreneurs who want to open only preschools will have more time.

Business Jo De Happiness

They claim a child's grin can potentially erase all of life's problems from your mind. Imagine spending a few hours of the day with kids all around you. The only business that offers immense rewards.

 Business Jo De Happiness

It's a fact that if you can build and grow a business when other businesses are tightening their belts, your company will be bulletproof when things improve. Petals Preschool & Daycare has withstood the test of time because of its flexible, Preschool expertise and risk-free franchise model.

Join hands with Petals Preschool & Daycare Chain and lead a happy, stress-free life while earning huge profits. Sounds like your cup of tea?

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