Preschool Market is one of the most thriving business opportunities in India. It thrashed at 331 million dollars in 2019 and is expected to grow at 735.15 million dollars by 2026.

Understanding the Preschool Franchise Market in India

India has over 33,000 preschools running successfully across the country. However, only 10% of the Preschool Market in India is organised.

A preschool franchise is a key to organising the rest of 90% of the playschool industry. If you invest in one of the best preschool franchises in India, you can expect the best returns with minimum risk and that too with a lower investment.

However, you shall make the right bid by investing in a progressive brand.

By browsing India's Best Play School Franchise Possibilities, you will notice that the entire Preschool business can be divided into Top Preschool Franchises and Low-Cost Preschool Franchises.

If given an option, most of us will be inclined towards low-cost franchises. However, the best way to finalise between Best Preschool Franchise or Low-Cost Preschool Franchise is to analyse the differences.

low cost preschool franchise

Best Preschool Franchise and low-cost Preschool Franchise Differentiators

We can do it by –

If you are serious about investing in the Most Potential Preschool Investment Sector in India, we have outlined all of the benefits and drawbacks related to it.

Top 5 Decisive Factors for Choosing Between Best and Low-Cost Play School Franchises

There is no standard Cost to Start Your Own Play School, and the same applies to initiating a Preschool Franchise Entrepreneurship. Higher the facilities and support from a Play School Franchisor, higher is the franchise cost and overall investment.

If you are new to the education industry, before starting a preschool; you shall be aware of the following -

You can find an in-detail comparison of the Low-Cost and the Best Play School franchises on the blog's essential factors.

The Best Play-School and Daycare Franchise

How can you tag that franchise as the best? Here are the possible differentiators.

1. Support by the Franchisor

Virtually all franchisors pledge assistance, but how many follow through?

So, this is the first distinguishing factor for a Reliable Franchise of Preschool and Daycare. They do not describe their support only in words, but they have everything documented.

Such franchisors offer end-to-end support, they will help you establish your centre from scratch, and their support is never-ending. A preschool and daycare franchise shall not necessarily be from an educational background.

support by the franchisor

A genuine preschool franchisor will -

In short, the finest franchisors are not only invested in your success, but they also have a plan for failure and will support you under any circumstances.

A few examples of India's Best Play School Franchise offering unmatched support are:

Hence, before you sign a Play School Franchise, conduct a thorough examination of the documents.

2. Optimised Returns on Investment

A flourished franchise model offers the best returns on your investment. It is a tried and tested model, and they detail the approximate returns well in advance. The Top Preschool Franchises in India offer an approximate ROI between 25-35 %.

Some of the best players of the preschool market committing for optimised returns are:

The brands offering the franchises are confident about the returns offered because they offer the best facilities in their Pre-School and Day Care Centre.

optimised returns on investment

3. Transparency

If you are in a Franchise Meet and you get to hear the challenges or risks before the perks, provide you are at the right place. Before signing for any business, it is essential to understand the bet, as no business is risk-free.

The only benefit of associating with an existing playschool business is that you already know the solution if you get stuck anywhere.

Moreover, the franchisor is always at your rescue. They will guide you and advise you whenever and wherever required.

The Top Pre-school and Daycare Franchisors which maintain transparency with the franchise are:

So, when you plan to invest in the early-year childcare industry, you can consider the above franchise brands as your priority.

4. Recruitment and Training

The success of your Daycare and Preschool is highly dependent on your staff. If a parent opts for high-end investment in early childhood education, they expect extraordinary output too. As a newcomer to an education startup, you may find it difficult to hire the proper people. The Best Preschool Franchisor, on the other hand, will shortlist the best team for you.

recruitment and training

Also, they run special training programs for staff to maintain the same standards across all their branch centres. The below-mentioned Kindergarten Franchisors are too specific in hiring the staff for their branch partners.

When you associate with such flourishing brands, it's much convenient to Set Up a Play School Franchise.

5. Higher Profit

Today, an average Indian in metro cities spends approximately 15-25k/ month to receive uncompromised early childhood care. Here, playschool and daycare centres are affordable and the safest options for working parents. Such innovation in the preschool industry encourages more and more parents to enrol their children in preschools, increasing the profit for entrepreneurs.

higher profit in preschool franchise

Here, if you choose to Open the Best Play School Franchise, you already have trust and goodwill in the audience. The top preschool franchises can help you gain around higher profit. Talking about Petals Preschool and Daycare, it offers you around 80-100% higher profit. Now, the question arises, how does the scenario change when you choose a Low-Cost Preschool Franchise over The Best Kindergarten Franchise?

Low-Cost Preschool Franchise

You might often come across the preschool franchise advertisements that claim to start your own play school at 5 to 10 lakhs. Let us see how possible it is to start a preschool at a low cost.

Are there any differences between a low-cost preschool and the best play school franchise?

If yes, then what?

Is it even possible to start a preschool at a lower cost? If yes, is it possible to continue your business in the long run and earn desired profit?

Continue a good read to get all your answers.

Facts of a Low-Cost Pre-K Franchise (Play School)

We have already discussed above what are the differentiators of the premium preschool franchisees. Here, in this section, we will learn the realities of the cheap play school franchises.

1. Approximation, Not Exaction

All the brands offering you a preschool franchise at a lower cost detail the approximate investment. They never consider all the factors for completing a preschool and daycare setup. The cost proposed by franchisors might include the franchise and furnishing costs.

However, it might not include the expenses like:

In short, we can say they do not maintain transparency and try to lure a franchise with incomplete information.

2. Minimum Facilities

Today, parents desire to enrol their children in a preschool and daycare centre with utmost offerings. The Top Pre-K School and Daycare Centres offer an uncompromised learning experience.

Low-cost franchises, on the other hand, can compromise with:

Minimum facilities mean lower attraction to parents, leading to minimum admissions and lower profit for your business.

3. No or Low-Support

A preschool and daycare franchise or investor shall not necessarily belong to the education industry. So, if you are investing in a preschool franchise as a layman, you require the franchisors back for the smoother operation of your business.

With a low-cost franchise, it is not possible to get the desired assistance. A top franchise holds your hand-

For a low-cost franchise, it is often observed that they provide support before launch but post that, you have to manage everything yourself.

You will have to struggle for-

If you invest in all the things that the franchisor does not provide, your investment automatically shoots up.

4. No Success Guarantee

Investing in a trusted business model ensures your success. The franchisor stands by you and puts all the effort into growing your business. As an established brand their goodwill and legacy matter to them. Every single branch of attrition is a concern for them.

So, they try hard enough that none of their franchisee's struggle. However, for a low-cost play school franchise, you take risks. There are no:

So, as a franchisee, you may or may not succeed.

5. Struggle and Challenges

Investing in a Cheap Kindergarten Franchise might be as challenging as starting your own preschool. You will come across multiple challenges, and find a solution for them yourselves.

struggle and challenges

Moreover, by signing a franchise agreement you will have to be abiding by their norms, which won't be true when you Start Your Own Preschool.

In short, you will be stuck at all ends.

All the above factors together are responsible for the shutdown of Preschool and Daycare Centres associated with low-cost franchises.

Concluding Lines

If you are looking for a secure investment in the education sector, early-year childcare centres are one of the best choices. However, you shall be careful while choosing and signing a franchise.

Conduct all the ground research, interact with different franchisors, compare multiple models, and then decide wisely. The blog above details several considerations for choosing the right Play School and Daycare Franchise.

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