In preschools and daycares, it is crucial to ensure the health and safety of the children. One of the elements that contributes to the school's safety, health, and psychological environment is the physical setting of the preschool. Maintaining school security and safety requires a strategy that incorporates in-depth knowledge of the preschool's surroundings.

child safety and hygiene in preschool

Petals blossoms Hygiene & Protection

There are several measures that Petals Preschool & Daycare implements to provide maximum safety and hygiene for their students:

1. Clean and Sanitised Environment -

Regular cleaning and sanitization of the premises, including classrooms, play areas, toys, and equipment, help maintain a hygienic environment in the school.

2. Promotes Hand hygiene -

We underline the importance of handwashing among children and staff by encouraging frequent handwashing with soap and water, especially before meals and after using the lavatory, which assists in stopping the spread of germs.

3. Staff Training -

We educate our employees on good hygiene practices, such as hand washing techniques, cleaning procedures, and the importance of keeping a clean and safe atmosphere.

4. Health Screenings -

We conduct regular health screenings of children and staff to identify any signs of illness. This can include temperature checks and monitoring for symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, or fever.

5. Limited Exposure to Illness -

Implement strategies to minimise exposure to illnesses, such as limiting visitors, promoting physical distancing, and practising proper respiratory etiquette (covering mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing).

6. Live CCTV feed -

We provide LIVE CCTV streaming of all the classes for parents to see their children bloom right in front of them.

7. Visitor Management System -

It permits us to monitor, track, and record visitor information to streamline and automate the visitor management process.

8. Face Recognition Camera -

It can assist in identifying strangers on school grounds as well as tracking the activities of students and staff throughout the day

9. Escort Cards -

No child is left unattended in the classroom, and when parents arrive to pick up their children, they must bring Escort Cards with them or the child will not be handed over.

10. Background Checks -

Background checks on teachers and nannies are performed multiple times to ensure maximum safety.

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