With the rise and fall of covid-19 cases, the young ones are moving to and from between online and offline classes. As per the reports of the education team at UNESCO, it’s creating confusion in preschoolers across the world. Now, the only solution for uninterrupted learning, at present, is online preschooling. With online classes, no matter how many times the different variants of Covid-19 assault, there is no damage to their academic learning or holistic development. However, most of us are still waiting for the situation to get normal, instead of adapting to the new normal.

The third year of the pandemic has already begun. In the wait for it to get normal, you can’t risk the early year education, growth, and development of your child. Moreover, the facts reveal that “90% of the human brain develops in the first five years.” So, it’s highly recommended to opt-in for preschool online classes, rather than wasting your little one’s early years of education. If you are confused and need guidance, here are the Pros and Cons of Online Classes for Young Children.

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List of Pros & Cons for Enrolling Pre-schoolers in Online School

The pandemic might have put life to stand still, but the learnings and survival must go on. Education is the future; under any circumstances, we cannot jeopardise the future. So, whether you are starting the early year education of your child, or planning to resume the learnings after a break, consider the below-mentioned pros and cons of online classes.

Cons of Virtual Preschool

1. It’s Challenging to Make Them Sit at one Place

Most of the Top Online Preschools in India have a screen time of an hour approximately. These sessions might be split into 30-minute classes with an intermediate break or might continue at a stretch. Well, most of the children are chirpy and lively, it’s difficult to make them sit and focus on the screen.

preschool online class screen time

Solution: Enrol your child in live interactive classes, instead of online preschools with pre-recorded sessions.

2. Internet Connectivity

If you have a poor internet connection, your child might face interruptions in studies. It gets highly difficult for a little pre-schooler to connect the dots, even if they miss the class for a few seconds.

Solution: Get the most suitable internet plan with minimal or no disturbances.

3. Untrained Teachers for Online Preschool

Shifting from offline school to virtual classes is comparatively easier for older students, compared to the young ones. The only reason for the same is, there is no significant change in teaching methodology. For Online Playschool, the teachers have to come up with interactive and engaging classes for toddlers. The untrained teachers might be incompetent to do the needful.

teacher for online preschool

Solution: Take demo sessions, and observe the teaching techniques of teachers before admitting your child for online preschool. The best solution is to look for preschools where the teachers are ECCE trained and certified.

4. Requirement of Additional Smart Device

Mobile, Tablet, or Laptop with a high-speed internet connection is a must-have for online classes. During the pandemic, the majority of parents are working from home and require their smart gadgets. Even working hours might be stretched when working from home, making it challenging to manage online lessons.

P.S. Not everyone can afford to buy a brand-new device.

Solution: The Best Preschools in Delhi put equal efforts like that of parents to ensure smooth and continuous learning for students. They offer flexible timings of Online Classes for the ease of parents. You would not require any additional device to attend Virtual Preschool in such a scenario.

5. Difficulty in Moving with Pace

Not all children have the same speed to complete a particular task. In online classes, if your child does not speak up, and the teacher does not notice, your little one might lag.

Solution: Even if you do not sit with your child in the entire class, keep checking in between. The best thing you can do is select the online classes with a minimum teacher-student ratio, where your child can gain personal attention.

Petals Online Preschool is the only top preschool in India offering a 1:5 teacher-student ratio for online classes.

Difficulty in Moving with Pace

Pros of Virtual Preschool

1. Social-Emotional Development

The worst thing about the pandemic is isolation, reduced gatherings, and less interaction; that leads to a stressful situation, and hesitation in children. Here, online classes are at the rescue. They allow peer-to-peer learning, group activities, and cheerful interactions between children of the same age group.

It is not possible to nourish your child alone at home apart from academics. So, if you need social-emotional growth in your child, Online Preschool is highly helpful. There are many preschool and top preschool franchises which are providing the best online services.

child social emotional development

2. Continuous Learning

With a restriction in offline schools, making a daily learning routine at home is challenging. No matter how hard a parent tries, without a fixed schedule or school, you cannot ensure the daily studies of your child. Sometimes, you might skip meetings, some family issue or any random reason. On the contrary, enrolling your tiny tot in regular online classes ensures continuity of learning. Your child will not only attend the classes, but you will make them accomplish daily assignments too.

3. Safe and Comfortable Learning Environment

Nothing can be better than the comfort of home. Today, when nothing is more important than safety, Online Learning is the best for your child. You will not have to worry about your child whether or not they maintain social distance, wear masks, wash their hands, eat healthily, and all other things. Your child will be with you, you can take care of them as per you.

safe and comfortable learning environment

4. Holistic Development

When the teachers teach in Online preschools, they know that a parent always keeps an eye. So, the schools will offer the best possible learning without skipping anything. The top online play schools in Delhi NCR have curriculum focused on the holistic development of your child. Along with academics, the preschools focus on recreational activities, motor skill development, communication skills, confidence, and everything else to ensure the ideal nurturing of a child during the years of development.

The Child Receives Attention from Both Parents and Teachers

In the early years, the most important thing is that the child shall never be left unattended. Here, the teachers have all the students in front of their screen, so every child gets individual attention. In any case, the teacher misses out, the parents are there with the child to help them up.

In short, Online Preschooling is new and different from the traditional classroom, but that does not mean it’s effective. In fact, it is precise for all age groups. Initially one can take time to adjust to it, but once you are comfortable with it, you will be satisfied as parents.

Final Words

Education is essential in the early years. During the growth years, a child’s mind is proactive and ready to grasp everything instantaneously. Hence, just as you would not leave your job or any other activity due to covid, don't let the epidemic affect your child's growth and learning. If you have not yet taken advantage of Online Classes, give the best gift to your child today.

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