Ever Thought, why do entrepreneurs choose to Invest in Preschool Franchise over Starting their Own Preschool? The most common answers include:

  • The expectation for uncompromised support

  • Guaranteed success

  • Minimised risk

  • Optimised curriculum for preschool and daycare

  • Guidance to manage the business smoothly, and much more.

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What is Preschool Franchise Support?

A comprehensive Preschool Franchise Support is planned for strengthening the business of both the franchisee and the franchisor. Above all, the primary purpose of a Franchise Support System is to assure that the operations of a franchise are smoother and synchronised with the franchisor. A franchisor always backs the franchisee from setting up, launching, and running the Play School & Daycare centre without obstructions.

Overview: There are over 35k + preschools in India, and the only way to organise the playschool industry is through Nursery School Franchise. Also, the entrepreneurs wish to invest in the franchises rather than starting their own preschool because the franchisors commit to ongoing support.

Well, there are perks of joining the franchisees. However, many franchisors only commit for the support but later back off. The reports reveal that mostplay school franchises failbecause the franchisors do not abide by their commitment.

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List of The Top 10 Exploits on The Name of Preschool Franchise Support:

Never Trust a Book of the Franchise Cover to Estimate the Revenue.

If you are investing in a preschool franchise only in the name of support without guarantee, BEWARE! You can find the below-mentioned terms on the support name on every second brochure of Kindergarten Franchise in India. It includes:

  1. Reputed Brand

  2. Low-Investment

  3. Low-Royalty

  4. Sales and Marketing Support

  5. Successfully Running from XYZ years

  6. Marketing Materials

  7. Quality Training

  8. ‘Exaction’ Throughout Network

  9. No Need for Marketing of The Brand

  10. Long-Term Associations

The genuine franchisors detail about the curriculum support, R&D, unique way of holistic development of children to attract admissions, security measures, parent convenience on child admission in your school along with the brand name. So, when you intervene on a play school franchise, look for genuine support, and ask for the support you expect.

The Name of Preschool Franchise Support

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