Education is essential for early year development of a child. Preschool plays a significant role in a child's early years as well. However, during the pandemic, either parents are taking pre-primary education leniently or waiting for the pandemic to subside to send their children to school.

Do we question ourselves whether we have stopped anything else because of the epidemic before we put a full stop or hold on our children's education? Whether it’s your work, household chores, family functions, festivals, or anything else, there is no hindrance in anything due to Covid-19. So, how can you make a pandemic an excuse for a child’s Early-Year Education?

Over 90% of the brain develops during the first five years of life, and during those years, the parents shall focus on uninterrupted learning.

best option of preschool online or offline

What is a Preschool, and Why is it Important?

Preschool, more popularly referred to as playschool or pre-primary school. It is a formal learning setup for an early-year education. The curriculum of the kindergarten school focuses on the holistic and brain development of a child through experiential learning instead of traditional teaching methods. Preschooling emphasises physical, mental, social-emotional, linguistic, and confidence development in a child.

holistic development of a child

Preschool Education is Important

It helps to build a routine for children. A child can learn to talk at home, but interaction with teachers and the peer group in preschool enhances communication skills as well as confidence.

Better communication and the use of age-appropriate language & activities improve the imagination in children, which in turn leads to better knowledge. Interactive learning methodology, read-aloud sessions, storytelling, and other group activities build a child’s vocabulary.

Preschool Education corresponds to a child’s emotional, social, cultural, social, and holistic development. However, post-pandemic, one of the most significant concerns for the parents is the safety and hygiene of their children. For that, preschool education is highly hampered.

Maintaining the continuity of their children's early education is currently the top issue for parents. What is more effective today—offline preschool or online preschool?

Factors to Consider for Selecting Online or Offline Preschool

We are inclined towards offline preschool because it is an old-school and accepted teaching methodology. On the contrary, Online Preschool in India is a post-pandemic trend. Let us compare the pros of both the preschool methodology.

Offline Preschool

Offline Preschool is one of the traditional methodologies of early years education where children meet the teachers and peers regularly. Early-Year Education has a curriculum focused on holistic & brain development, and children can easily adapt to it by following the day-to-day timetable.

early years education

The chorus and group learning in a preschool enable the children to acknowledge the rhymes, stories, and other complicated learnings faster and better. The teachers can monitor the behaviour and responses of every child. If any child lags behind, the teachers can focus on them by giving them personal attention.

In Offline Preschool, the children get the right atmosphere for learning, and when a child observes peers performing the same things, they are self-motivated for learning. Offline Education undoubtedly remains the unsurpassed mode of learning for preschoolers, but the pandemic has put an end to it. For now, there is no solution to the concern of parents for the safety and hygiene of their children.

No matter how conscious teachers and authorities are regarding a child’s safety, if by any means a child gets affected by the pandemic, it is impossible to bear the pain of a child’s suffering. However, holding a child’s education during lockdown is also not the solution. The only solution that is handy for uninterrupted learning of preschool children is an Online Preschool.

Online Preschool

The schools are continuously switching between online and offline mode since the pandemic, and it has been over two years now. Also, there are no specifications on when the Covid-19 pandemic will subside. So, the best solution is Online Preschool Learning at present. With online classes, it is possible to continue with the learnings without any interruption.

A few of the perks of Live Online Preschool Classes are as follows.

 Online Preschool

Flexible Timing

The best part of an Online Play School in India is that your child can join the classes, as per your availability. After the pandemic, there was a significant change in the daily schedule of the entire family. Online Preschool Classes help parents to maintain work-life balance.

Learning at Own-Pace

There is no pressure on children to pick up the pace and be a part of the race in online classes. Every child has unique capabilities, and online learning facilitates intermediary relief to the young ones.


When you opt for Online Preschool, there is no admission fee, and the tuition fee is also less compared to in offline mode. The Top Preschools in Delhi NCR do not charge any additional fees for co-curricular activities. Not to forget, you save enough on transportation costs too.

Transparency Between Parents and Teachers

Online preschool includes equal involvement of parents and teachers, and a parent is equally attentive in the online classes. So, if a child come-across any issue while learning online, a parent can convey it to the teacher. The attention from both parents and teachers can improve a child’s learning.

Continuity in Learning

When you enrol your child in an online class, there is no interruption in the learning process under any circumstances. The children who switched between online and offline preschool had to bear a lot of confusion, but the children who were a part of online learning never faced any issue.

In a Nutshell

Online and offline preschool learning has different perks; you can choose between the mode of learning based on the above-listed advantages. However, the choice of preschool matters for your child’s proper foundation and nurturing. Conduct significant background research while deciding on the preschool for the apple of your eye.

Stay tuned for more tips on parenting and the early-year education of your child.

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