Lively and Chirpy Children Keep the Home Atmosphere Full of Joy. It is eye-pleasing and heart-warming to witness such moments in your child’s life. Most of us love to get along with them and adapt to their childlike behaviour.

Every parent should enjoy parenthood, but it gets highly challenging when children are in the same mode, even during an online class? Post pandemic, online classes are the safest options for preschooling.

keep children engaged during online classes

How to Keep Preschool Children Engaged During Online classes?

Here, we present the best tips to engage a Child Struggling with Online Learning.

List of Top 5 Tips to Engage Preschoolers in Online Classes

Before you become worried, keep in mind that every parent struggles at first to keep their child enrolled in online classes. So, unwind! Take a deep breath, and remember that you are not alone on this trip. Before we get into how to increase a preschooler's attentiveness in an online class, there are a few things you should know.

  • The little ones do not sit at a place for a longer duration, even in school; they take frequent breaks.

  • Teachers treat them with compassion rather than anger or frustration.

  • It’s not a child’s action, but a parent’s expectation that hurts more.

  • Stop comparing your child to others who are sitting quietly in an online classroom.

  • Online schooling is new for your child; allow them some time to adjust.

Initially, your child would require your support and presence until comfortable, so do not get irritated. You cannot multitask initially while your preschooler is taking a class, so better the parents should decide and manage amongst themselves. At least one of the parents should take responsibility. Everyone has difficulties in the aftermath of a pandemic. Preschool teachers are working hard to adapt their teaching methods and engage their students. However, parents also need to cooperate with the teachers to make a child’s learning journey better and smoother.

How can I keep my child engaged online?

Here are the answers.

1. Make a Right Choice of the Preschool

The engagement of a preschooler in an online class highly depends on the teaching methodology of a teacher. Enacting, movies, audios, and interaction connect with children better than monotonous reading/writing sessions.

While selecting an online school for your young one, ensure that you take a demo of classes from all schools in your choices. Do not fall for a brand name. Take the sessions, compare, and then decide. At times, the schools that perform excellently well in offline education are not necessarily the best choices for online learning.

kids reading and writing session

2. Be Flexible, Not Adamant

Every parent wants their child to win the race. Most parents forbid their children from taking breaks and expect them to finish the assignment first. To begin, never push but rather entice your child to complete the work. You also need to interact with them. If they are still uninterested, release them. After a few minutes, you can start back and complete the task.

Most importantly, ‘If you listen to your child, they will hear you back.’ If they always get a ‘NO’ for whatever they ask, how can you expect them to learn to say ‘YES’? In short, for engaging preschoolers in online learning, you have to be flexible.

mother teach girl child

3. Discuss with Teachers

Only an experienced teacher knows how to handle a child's outbursts. They have dealt with a wide range of children. You can discuss the issue with the teacher in detail and ask, "How Can I Keep My Kid Interested Online?" without hesitation. They will give you the tips customised for your child and try to interact more with your child to keep them engaged. Also, if you find any problem at the teacher’s end, like more extended sessions, non-interactive, too fast or too slow, speak it up.

When teachers switch from offline to online teaching, they also might lack somewhere. If the parents do not share the experiences, the teachers will not know the scope for improvement.

children discuss with teacher

4. Engage in Activities Even After Class

Children are not used to studying with their parents. So, to enhance a child’s engagement in online classes, it is essential that you plan different activities with your child apart from regular classes. The activities might not be for too long; they can be confined to 15 minutes of duration. This exercise only gives your child a habit to involve with parents for learning. Also, several pieces of research prove that the child learns better through experiential learning.

If you find Your Child Struggling with Online Learning, plan some musical, playful or recreational activities where the child experiences the fact and then grasps more easily. The Top Schools in Delhi NCR conduct different parent-training sessions to familiarise parents with experiential learning methodology. You can attend them or find the tutorial videos online. To sum up, you have to put some extra effort into making your child’s learning fun and hassle-free.

engage kids in activities

5. Use Familiar Props, and Invite Family Members

If the encounter is completely new to the children, they will lose interest in their virtual sessions. They will not try to escape if you enable them to play with their favourite toys during the break or if their siblings or any other family member with whom they have a strong attachment is present. If your child is foody, keep their favourite food around them, let them munch, and attend the classes.

Concisely, you have to avoid forcing them and do everything to make them comfortable in the virtual learning environment. Slowly and gradually, they will become habitual. Being patient will gain you all the solutions. Then, you will not ask How Can I Keep My Child Engaged Online; instead, you can be a guiding light for the other parents.

family member enjoy together

Concluding Lines

It is rightly said that ‘Parents are the first teacher to their children.’ No one can understand or tackle a child better than parents. However, every child needs some time to adjust to the new atmosphere. So, you take time, give them time, and you will end up strengthening the parent-child bond. Online Learning for preschoolers during the pandemic is a blessing. Also, as a parent, you can be carefree if your child is safe or not.

So, do not hesitate to manage your child for online classes.
Enrol your child, and enjoy being a formal teacher of your child.

Stay Tuned for More Tips. Keep Reading. Enjoy the Divine Feeling of Parenting.

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