1. When did the PETALS PRE SCHOOL movement begin, where are all the schools located?

Petals world school launched their first school in 2003

2. What is the process of getting admission into PETALS SCHOOL?

  • Parents need to fill an online admission form available at website.
  • After the submission of the form school analyses the age appropriateness and the parents are advised by the school are required to complete the admission formalities including payment of fees in the next 2 to 3 working days.
  • 4. Are teachers hired by Petals School trained and qualified for the job?

    Petals World School appoints experienced, professionally qualified and passionate teachers who are further provided training and orientation before getting inducted in the system. Regular inservice training is arranged for the faculty hired.

    5. What are the timings of the school?

  • Seed , Sapling, Bud : 9:00a.m.-12:00 noon
  • FLower : 8.00a.m.-01.40p.m.
  • 6. What is the student teacher ratio?

  • The basis of quality at Petals schools is the comfortable teacher student ratio. The student strength section wise
  • Seed : 15 students with 2 teachers
  • Sapling, Bud: 25 students with 2 teachers
  • Grade K.G: 25 students with one teacher
  • 7. How often do you have Parent Teachers Meet? (Ptm)

    The schools strongly believe in the active participation of parents in the learning of their children. Parent Teacher Interactions start with the Orientation Programme for the new entrants.

  • PTMs are organized every alternate month for all classes. However for early year’s parents can meet teachers more often if required after fixing up an appointment with the teachers.
  • 8. Do you organize any Edu-trips or fun excursions for students?

  • We organize Edu-trips (Theme Based) for our students on a regular basis. Educational trips are meticulously planned by us. These include theme parks, amusement parks.
  • Educational trips form an integral part of teaching-learning process. They supplement curriculum through interaction with the outside world. We tailor each visit to make it developmentally appropriate and educationally stimulating.
  • 9. What are your initiatives for CSR/ social initiatives?

    We conduct many community outreach programs, where the students look beyond themselves and experience the joy of giving and learn to serve. Visiting orphanages, blind schools ,old age homes and sharing resources is a regular practice. computer literacy for senior citizens and housewives of the neighbouring area, library for senior citizens, literacy for the support staff .

    10. How does the school share news and information with parents?

    Communication with the parents and community.

  • Regular circulars/Emails are sent to parents for updating them with the activities at schools .Almanac is also a mode of communication.
  • School Website, Emails, mass SMS and social media are also sources of communication and Mobile App.
  • 11. Do you encourage parents to participate in school functions and activities?

  • Yes we do encourage the parents to actively get involved in the school functions, celebrations and various activities like storytelling, Book Weeks, reading, exhibitions
  • We also welcome grandparents on grandparents’ day and for other important school functions like Father’s day. Mother’s Day etc.
  • We also organize parenting and other relevant workshops ( for example the way we evaluate , the way we teach Jolly Phonics, about thematic learning experiences etc) for the parents.
  • 12.Internal Transfer

    Students are given preference on internal transfer based on availability of seats. The student is issued a TC from the host school and is readmitted to the other branch. There are no readmission charges

    Head Office:

    Petals Pre School
    Nirman Vihar, Preet Vihar
    Delhi-110092, India
    Telephone: +918800650048
    E-mail: info@petalspreschool.com

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